A mentor is someone who takes interest in the professional and career development of a junior colleague by providing guidance and support. Genuine commitment on the part of both the mentor and mentee is required for a successful mentoring relationship. There are no strict rules on how to mentor, only guidelines and advice. You will have to determine the best approaches for each individual mentoring relationship you establish.

Best academician and Practicing Advocates are on our Panel who act as mentors as you prepare from your journey on CLAT ,AIBE or any other judiciary program.


Role of a Mentor :

  • Recommend appropriate strategies for career direction
  • Review mentee’s development plan on a regular basis
  • Help mentee to identify obstacles to career progression and to take appropriate action
  • Work with mentee to identify and understand career-related skills, interests and values
  • Help plan strategies to achieve mutually agreed upon professional goals
  • Help mentee identify source of performance issue problems and map out next steps to overcome issues
  • Maintain a steady presence in mentee’s career with meetings, phone calls, emails, etc.
  • Help to bring together different mentees who might mutually benefit by helping each other (peer mentoring)
  • Help mentee identify resources required for career progression
  • Nominate mentee and encourage them to self-nominate for local/national committee, review panels, and advisory boards; for manuscript reviews, participation in workshops and conferences, and for award.
  • Help clarify performance goals (long- and short-term) and developmental needs


On Call Mentor Program fee

Program/ Mode On Call ( Across India) Enrolment In- Person (Only available in Delhi and Gurgaon) Enrolment
Assessment 1500 INR Enroll Now 2500 INR Enroll Now
6 Months Support ( 1 Call / Meeting every month of 30 minutes with mentor for review and advice ) 5000 INR Enroll Now 8500 INR Enroll Now